Thursday, 6 January 2011

GeoCaching favourites has introduced Favorite Points, a new system in which Premium Members of can award a point to any cache that they like. Premium members receive 1 point, plus 1 further point for every tenth cache found, to award.

I decided to use my points as if I had been receiving them from the start of my caching activities, i.e. 1 point issued to my favourite cache out of every 10 found. I did consider awarding the second point to my favourite find from my second 10 finds, plus the 9 left over from my first 10 finds, in other words 19 to choose from, 28 to choose from for favourite point no.3, 37 to choose from for point no.4, etc, but eventually decided to Play Fair and award 1 point per every ten cache finds.

For my first point awarded, I decided on this cache, my 10th find. I chose this one because I liked the hiding place; semi-urban, passed closely by hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists every day, unaware of the cache anonimously waiting there. I'm surprised that it's not found more often, how many cachers pass by this one on the Nottingham ringroad every day, but never bother to stop (there's convenient free parking very close)?

I'm the only one to favourite this cache so far, in fact the most popular cache with my fellow cachers amongst the first 10 that I found is this one, which has been favourited 5 times as I write this. It's certainly located at an interesting place, and conveniently close to the M1 motorway, and would have been my second choice.

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