Thursday, 6 January 2011

Favourite no.3

For my third favourite choice, I just had to go for this unusual puzzle cache, and for once I'm not alone, as (as of 6/1/11) four other cachers have favourited this one. Not that I'm boasting or anything, but reading the logs on this one, I may be one of very few cachers who walked in and found the logbook immediately without any help required!

My second choice from these 10 finds would probably be this one, simply because it was my first ever FTF, and therefore the first appearance of my EFF-2-the-TEE-2-the-EFF!! celebratory exclamation (Yes, I really do shout it out loud when I FTF a cache!), and I also beat cats-eyes for a local FTF, quite a rare occasion.

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