Thursday, 6 January 2011

Favourites no.7

Did you notice the comment in's favourite awards guidelines where they say that there is not a problem issuing favourite points to archived caches (except events)? I decided to give my seventh point to this archived cache, simply because it was hidden inside my all-time favourite hide item; a brilliantly made pile of concrete! This item was outside the compound of a working nodding-donkey oilwell, somewhere where you might expect to see a mound of dried unused concrete. This incredibly-realistic hide was a thin concrete shell filled with industrial expanded foam, with a cut-out space for a ClipLock box. Perfect and superb! I stopped off with my daughter Eleanor one morning whilst on our way to a nearby theme park. The hint was "Not as heavy as it looks" so I realised immediately where the cache was. Eleanor was amazed, heh heh!

Second choice from this ten? Probably this cache, also now-archived. Another one of darrach's homemade specials, this one had a red herring built in, but like most finders, we found the trick after finding the treat!

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