Thursday, 6 January 2011

Favourites no.6

Again, it's no contest when deciding which cache to award a favourite point to from my sixth set of ten finds; this cache is one of Britain's oldest and is in beautiful Sherwood Forest, close to my home here in Nottinghamshire. A fantastic, huge cache and only a few metres from historic Major Oak. As of 6/1/2011, no less than 18 cachers agree with me, including ones with years of caching and thousands of finds behind them.

My second choice from these ten finds would have to be an odd puzzle cache. I say odd because this proves my theory that some puzzle caches are incredibly easy for some cachers to solve whilst being difficult for others, whilst other puzzles are vice-versa. Case in point; I hadn't yet found a cache in Lincolnshire and noticed that this one hadn't been found. I recognised the song lyrics, so a quick think through of the clues soon gave me the co-ordinates required. The following day, after work, I raced out to Horncastle for the instant find of a very well-stocked ammo can cache. An FTF, Hurrah! Then, bizarrely, the cache wasn't found again for weeks and the Cache Owners remarked in a post on's forum that after my one find now no local cachers would be interested in it. I must admit, I was surprised by this comment, after all, I can't see how it matters where the FTFer comes from, and I still feel like that now that I own a few caches myself; I certainly don't place them just for cachers from North Notts to enjoy, I'm always delighted whoever bags a find on them.

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